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The program stands under the legal protection of the author and mercantile laws of the country, in which it is published, multiplied and/or used..

Mirko Böer Softwareentwicklungen, Niederkirchnerstr. 9, 04107 Leipzig, Deutschland, in the following 'licenser' called, all rights at the program (software) possess and permit the use exclusive under the condition that those are recognized and kept in the following specified license conditions by the user. It comes off thereby between it, the licensee, and the licenser the available license agreement:

1. Installation

The licenser points out expressly that before the installation of any new software on your system a data protection should take place, in order to prevent a possible loss of your data. This safety precaution should take place also with the installation of this software. If you should not have your data yet secured, we guess urgently to break off the installation immediately your data to secure and only following the installation again to start. Beyond that it is recommendable to safe your data in regular intervals.

2. Guarantee / Adhesion

A guarantee for an error free functionality of the program is not taken over of the licensers. The licenser ensures the perfect legibility of the medium for the case of the transmission of the program on a data medium at the time of the delivery, as far as the employment takes place via the licensee under normal operating conditions and considering usual maintenance measures of the data-processing system.

The licenser does not take over adhesion for the accuracy of the software, in particular not for the fact that the software meets the requirements and purposes of the customer or co-operates with other programs selected by it.

The licenser is responsible caused damage for one deliberately and/or to roughly negligently unrestrictedly. Also with the absence the licenser is responsible to a assured characteristic for all damage without restriction, which can be attributed to it. With more easily negligence the licenser, as far as regarding the achievement contribution delay is present, became impossible the achievement or one was hurt it being incumbent on cardinal obligation, for personal injuries which can be attributed to it clings unrestrictedly. For special and financial damages, on whose entrance with conclusion of a contract reasonably was to be counted. Each case the adhesion is limited to the height of the double one of the paid purchase price (royalty, registration fee), independently of whether it concerns around requirements of the treaty right, claims for damages or other liability claims. If the licenser is during the entrance of the impossibility into delay, then he is responsible for the damage without restriction, occurred by the impossibility of their achievement; not however for the case, in which the damage would have occurred also with punctual achievement. In all remaining cases the adhesion is impossible. The adhesion after the product liability law remains unaffected.

3. Use extent

The software is in copyright matters protected in favor of the licenser. Publication -, duplication -, right of exploitation and working on at the software are alone with the licenser. All copyright and other notes such as registration numbers and referring to the licenser, in the software, may not be removed. Each further bringing into other software of any kind is forbidden to the licensee.

A. Deviating conditions for the Shareware version of the software:

You recognize the Shareware version by the fact that with the program start a Shareware reference display window with the remaining test days and/or the reference is "This Version is Shareware" appears. This window must be confirmed with each program start, before the software can be used.

The program will be published, how it is, and may in the available version only with consideration of the following restrictions freely be used:

The software may be multiplied, published and spread in unmodified form, how it was placed from the licenser to the order, be raised so far no fees for the use, distribution, publication, spreading and/or duplication.

The free use of the software is limited to 35 days.

Afterwards the user is obligated to omit alternatively the further use or to acquire a liable to pay the costs use license at the software.

The licenser points out that the software, in which current in each case Shareware version, also by arbitrary hard and software producers or dealers Shareware senders, may be distributed inclusively, spread and multiplied CD Rome manufacturers and magazine publishing houses to the admission on booklet CDs, as well as arbitrary offerers of software/hardware and services free of charge, as far as none, which repay usual for Shareware programs and collections exceeding amounts are required. In connection with the publication it is to be pointed out third that it concerns at the software a Shareware program. A distribution for money, spreading or a duplication of the program are expressly forbidden.

B. Deviating conditions for the licensed version:

You recognize the licensed version by the entry "Registrated for... " with the program start and/or in the starting window or infom window of the software. While the use of the software the indication is "... "; by a reference to the respective licensee replaces.

The licenser grants for the duration of the available contract a simple, not exclusive and personal right, the software to one individual personnel computer to the licensee and only at a place to use. Each large use is not permitted.

It is in particular forbidden to the licensee,

to pass on the software or individual program sections third on or make accessible in other way, in particular in form borrows or rent;
to transfer the software over a net or a transferlayer from a computer to another computer;
to amend to translate to back-develop to decompile or disassemblage the software;
to provide derived works;
The licensee receives the property at a physical data medium by the acquisition of the program alone, as far as the hiring of the license material on the way of the long-distance data transmission does not take place. With both hiring alternatives an acquisition is not connected of large rights as the designated.

Making (only) of a backup copy is permissible only for safeguard purposes, if the software on a data medium was supplied..

4. Duration of the contract

The contract is closed on indefinite time. Each offence of the licensee against the license regulations incurs the loss the right to use, without it requires a notice on the part of the licenser.

5. Payment of damages during violation of contract

The licensee is responsible for all financial damages, which the licenser develops due to injuries of copyright or an injury of these clauses of a contract.

6. Changes and actualizations (updates)

The licenser is entitled to update the software after own discretion. It is not obligated to place to the licensee any actualizations to the order. Any actualizations of the software are always free.
The licensee is informed by E-Mail about product innovations, if a valid e-Mail address was indicated for licencation of the software. The licensee can decide freely whether he loads the actualization of the software at own expense from the Internet and the actualization installed.

7. Product name and registered trade mark

All in this text, the documentation and the software used product name and registered registered trade marks are recognized hereby as property of their owners, independently of whether they are characterized as such or not.

8. Other

It is not permitted to use SuperMailer for the dispatch of so-called Spam Mails (unasked forwarding of e-Mails) . If one of the regulations, these license regulations, should be ineffective then of it the effectiveness of the remaining regulations is not affected. In place of the ineffective regulations such effective regulations apply as agreed upon, which come in their sense of the intention of the ineffective regulations in favor of the licenser next.

Leipzig, January 2005