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With the SuperMailer script you can handle subscriptions and unsubscriptions for your newsletter on your web page and send the data to a POP3/IMAP inbox. SuperMailer can check this messages and add or remove recipients of your newsletter automatically.


Usage of script

  • You can use a HTML form on your website to handle subscriptions / unsubscriptions of recipients.

  • With help of the script you can place a unsubscribe link like "If you don't want get this newsletter in future, please click here" on your email.


Requirements of script

  • You need a text editor on your pc (like the editor under Programs - Accessories or Edit4Win).

  • Your web space must support PHP 3, PHP 4, PERL or ASP.

  • You need a separate POP3/IMAP inbox for subscribes and unsubscribes of newsletters or the ability to create one. You can also use only one inbox but then you must receive your emails first with SuperMailer.


Double opt in procedure

PHP 4/5, ASP and PERL variant of script can be used with double opt in procedure for correct permission based marketing. Additional this procedure protects you for unwanted subscriptions.
On double opt in to the newsletter the recipient will get an email with a confirmation link after registering on your website. Only until the recipient has clicked on it he is subscribed to your list.


You can't run scripts on your web page?

We offer you script hosting for free on this page (only registered SuperMailer users).


More data should by transmitted on subscription of a user.

The script here only provides the email address, but you can self enhance the HTML code with more fields to get more information. Sample for other fields (Popup window).


Which layout for newsletter subscription / unsubscription should be used (only for registered SuperMailer users)?

Layout 1

Newsletter subscription / unsubscription

Your email address:

You want to




Layout 2

Newsletter subscription / unsubscription

Your email address:

You want to




Version with double opt in procedure Version with double opt in procedure

This script is for registered SuperMailer users only.

Your email address you're registered:

Please enter the first 13 chars of your SuperMailer activation key.
You can find this in SuperMailer under "? - Info":

You can change the layout to adjust to your website layout. This template above should only show the correct fieldnames.

Notice: Web servers are configured differently so that we can't provide support for the scripts directly. If you have problems you can write to the support, but not every problem can be solved through us.