Newsletter software and bulk email software SuperMailer

Email HTML newsletter software to create and send newsletters and personalized bulk emails


You can't run scripts on your website? We will host your script! You only must add the html code for subscribtion and unsubscribtion for your newsletter on your website.

Conditions for using the service

  • The script can be requested 200 times per month maximally, so you can handle up to 200 subscribtions and / or unsubscribtions. For more requests of the script a error message will be created. Buying more script requests aren't possible.

  • The number of subscribtions / unsubscribtions are restricted because we can only accept a certain number of subscribtions / unsubscribtions to save the performance of the webserver and aware the possibility to calculate the traffic of the server.

  • Only the email address of the subscribtion / unsubscribtion will be transmitted.

  • The scripts supports the double opt in procedure.

  • That's only available for registered SuperMailer customers.

  • We beware the right to reject subscribtions of the service and lock accounts if the proprietor creates a server load that's to high.

  • This service can be canceled every time if it doesn't make more a economic sense.

  • We promise to collect no addresses from your newsletter subscribtions / unsubscribtions. It's on your own hand to save the subscribtions / unsubscribtion safely. We don't save copies of sent emails.

Requirements to use the service:

  • You must have a text or html editor installed on your PC (for example the windows editor under "Programs - Tools" or Edit4Win).

  • It should exist a own POP3 Inbox for subscribtions / unsubscribtions only. It's possible do to all with on inbox but in this case you must get you emails with SuperMailer first.


This service is not available yet. It's coming soon.